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Why Work Ear Muffs are Essential for Protecting Your Hearing at the Workplace

Work ear muffs protect your hearing

More than 12 million people in the UK suffer from occupational hearing loss, accounting for one in every five adults. This, therefore, highlights the importance of wearing work ear muffs. Not wearing work ear muffs can cause fatigue, loss of concentration, and high blood pressure, alongside causing significant hearing damage. Throughout this article, we will discuss how ear muffs work and what we offer at BB Fixings.

How Work Ear Muffs Work

Known as ear defenders, work ear muffs are personal protective equipment (PPE) used to protect workers against harsh noise. 

Their purpose is to reduce the amount of noise that reaches the ears, thus protecting them from noise pollution. They have hard cups that fit over the ears, with soft cushions on the rims to make them comfortable to wear.

Few are designed to be secured with a headband and look like headphones. While others clip on the side of a hard hat. Certain, even have radio/music systems, as well as two-way communication.

By law, employers must eliminate or reduce the risk that employees face from exposure to loud noise, to help protect their hearing. Any protective equipment chosen by employers needs to reflect the level of risk to workers in that environment.

The Risks of Not Protecting Your Ears At Work

  • Increases the risk of hearing damage
  • Distured sleep
  • Loss of concentration
  • Headache 
  • High blood pressure

How to Treat Hearing Damage

Treating hearing damage requires a multi-faceted approach that may vary depending on the cause and severity of the condition. The first step is to consult a qualified healthcare professional, such as an audiologist or an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist, for an accurate diagnosis and personalised treatment plan. 

It is important to follow the guidance of healthcare professionals and adhere to the recommended treatment plan to effectively manage hearing damage and improve overall quality of life.

BB Fixings Work Ear Muffs

At BB Fixings, we offer a range of work ear muffs pricing in at as little as £5.99 for one pair, to £129.95 for 10 pairs, depending on which you choose. 

Our ear defenders are ideal for anyone looking for a comfortable, cost-effective way to protect their hearing. These ear defenders, which come in a variety of colours, have an excellent attenuation rate and an adjustable dual-pin system that allows for multiple positioning for a better fit. With CE and CE-CAT III certification, you can be confident that these ear defenders will protect your ears.

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