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Softshell, Fleece & Jackets

Introducing our professional workwear softshell, fleece, and jackets. Our selection of high-quality, premium-weight jackets and fleece is designed for a modern lifestyle. Made of luxurious microfleece, our workwear is breathable, comfortable, cost-effective, and very versatile. For those looking for a durable, stylish and versatile jacket, our range is a perfect choice.

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  • Fireback EarthPro® Jacket (Recycled Polyester)
  • Lapwing Classic Softshell Gilet
    Softshell, Fleece & Jackets

    Lapwing Classic Softshell Gilet

    £25.99 Select options
  • Skimmer 2 Layer Softshell
    Softshell, Fleece & Jackets

    Skimmer 2 Layer Softshell

    £24.99 Select options
  • Fulmar Bomber Jacket
    Softshell, Fleece & Jackets

    Fulmar Bomber Jacket

    £29.99 Select options
  • Ladies Tern Softshell
    Softshell, Fleece & Jackets

    Ladies Tern Softshell

    £34.99 Select options
  • Crane Fur-lined Softshell Jacket
    Softshell, Fleece & Jackets

    Crane Fur-lined Softshell Jacket

    £56.99 Select options
  • Tern Softshell Jacket
    Softshell, Fleece & Jackets

    Tern Softshell Jacket

    £34.99 Select options
  • Gannet EarthPro ® Softshell Jacket (GRS - 92% Recycled Polyester)
  • Albatross Classic Fleece
    Softshell, Fleece & Jackets

    Albatross Classic Fleece

    £15.99 Select options

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