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Timber & Landscaping Screws

Timber screws are specifically suited for use on timber, since its aggressive thread ensures a firm grip. Because they are frequently used outside, the majority of them will have a coating that protects them from the weather and prevents rusting. Our landscape screws are available in a variety of gauges, heads, finishes, and sizes, ensuring that there is a screw to suit any task.

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  • Spectre Timber Fix Screws
    Timber & Landscaping Screws

    Spectre T/Fix Screw Box 50 T17 Tip 1000hr Green

    £5.99£18.00 Select options
  • ForgeFast Decking Screw Tan in Tubs
    Timber & Landscaping Screws

    ForgeFast Decking Screw Tan Self-drill

    £19.50 Select options
  • Decking Screws – Tubs
    Timber & Landscaping Screws

    Decking Screw Green – Tub 1000

    £17.99£24.45 Select options
  • ForgeFast Decking Screw Green in Tubs

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