Lubricant & General Maintenance

Aerosol Solutions

A - LUBE (Clear Fine Oil) - 500ml - Pack 6

£37.73 Ex Tax: £31.44

Clear Fine Oil Effective lubricant that is ideal for use in hard to reach areas where conventional oil can would be used. High grade general purpose oil acts as a long-term lubrica..

Aerosol Solutions

ALU LUBE (Aluminium Anti Seize) - 500ml - Pack 6

£41.11 Ex Tax: £34.26

Aluminium Anti-Seize Specially formulated with a blend of heat stable lubricants for long lasting anti-seizure. Protects against pitting, distortion and seizure at temperatures in ..

Aerosol Solutions

ANTI SPATTER (Weld Anti Spatter) - 400ml - Pack 6

£41.70 Ex Tax: £34.75

Weld Anti-Spatter Formulated using a fine blend of quality solvents and release agents for all types of welding operations. Safe, non-flammable formula and special oils prevent the..

Aerosol Solutions


£41.40 Ex Tax: £34.50

Prevent Static Build Up Provides an ideal solution for static electricity problems commonly created by the use of man-made materials and fibres. Ideal for use on packing and wrappi..

Aerosol Solutions

BELT DRESSING (Stop Slip Instantly) - 400ml - Pack 6

£39.54 Ex Tax: £32.95

Belt Dressing For increasing belt torque, pull power and stopping slips. Suitable for all types of belt including rubber, leather and fabric. 400ml..

Aerosol Solutions

BRAKE (Brake and Clutch Cleaner) - 500ml - Pack 6

£29.99 Ex Tax: £24.99

Brake and Clutch Cleaner Powerful cleaning and degreasing of mechanical parts. Contains fast evaporating solvents that effectively remove dirt, brake fluid, grease and eliminates d..

Aerosol Solutions

CENSOLVE (Solvent degreaser) - 500ml - Pack 6

£39.54 Ex Tax: £32.95

Solvent Degreaser Allows quick and easy removal of grease, oil and contaminants from a wide range of mechanical and electrical equipment. Evaporates quickly to leave no residue. Po..

Aerosol Solutions

CENTRON (Solvent Contact Cleaner) - 500ml - Pack 6

£42.42 Ex Tax: £35.35

Solvent Contact Cleaner Effective degreaser and cleaning agent. Dries rapidly leaving no residue. Suitabe for electronic components and sensitive equipment. 500ml..

Aerosol Solutions

CLEAR GREASE - 500ml - Pack 6

£38.52 Ex Tax: £32.10

Multipurpose Clear Grease Repels water and salt and is resistant to heat while protecting against corrosion. Clear coverage for use when minimal appearance is required. Provides a ..

Aerosol Solutions

COPPER ANTI-SEIZE (Copper High Temp Lube) - 500gm - Pack 6

£62.28 Ex Tax: £51.90

High Temperature Paste For threaded connections of pipes, flanges and threaded fasteners subjected to high temperature and corrosive environments. Temperature range as an anti-seiz..

Aerosol Solutions

COPPER LUBE (Copper High Temp Lube) - 400ml - Pack 6

£42.84 Ex Tax: £35.70

High Temperature Lubricant For threaded connections of popes, flanges and threaded fasteners subjected to high temperature and corrosive environments. Temperature range as an anti-..

Aerosol Solutions

EP2 LITHIUM GREASE - 400gm - Pack 12

£65.52 Ex Tax: £54.60

Lithium Grease Cartridge Highly versatile multi-purpose grease. Premium quality mineral oil, lithium thickened lubricant. Used extensively for applications throughout Engineering i..

Aerosol Solutions

FREEZER (Fault Finding Spray) - 300g

£32.10 Ex Tax: £26.75

Fault Finding Spray Quickly traces breaks in circuits by reducing the surface temperature of electrical components. Non-flammable formula to aid detection in areas containing naked..

Aerosol Solutions

HD DEGREASER (Emulsifiable Degreaser) - 500ml - Pack 6

£32.26 Ex Tax: £26.88

Emulsifiable Degreaser Designed for quick and efficient removal of a wide range of grease and oils from a variety of surfaces. Convenient ready to use aerosol that helps with hard ..

Aerosol Solutions

LEAK DETECTOR (Non Flammable) - 500ml - Pack 6

£40.75 Ex Tax: £33.96

Rapid and Safe detection Non-Flammable formulation will indicate potentially dangerous and costly gas leaks. Ideal for all gas or air pressure fittings, joints and pipe work for sa..

Aerosol Solutions

LECTRON (Electronic Cleaning Solvent) - 400ml - Pack 6

£35.94 Ex Tax: £29.95

Electronic Cleaning Solvent Suitable for the cleaning and degreasing of delicate electric components. Suitable for most surfaces and is non-corrosive. Evaporates quickly leaving su..

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